About Seagate Studio

At Seagate Studio we believe in simple living. Made with traditional materials, our relaxed and classic designs reflect a history and legacy as old as New England. We style each piece to fit effortlessly and comfortably into your home and life. 

We are a mother-daughter business that began 'officially' in 2012 though unofficially we have been creating and selling to friends and family for over a decade. 

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Samantha "Sam" 

I am the daughter of this mother-daughter duo and took what my mom had been doing for years and made it an official business in 2012 after a layoff led me to find an alternative source of income. I am not formally trained in any of the arts (in fact my education was in the sciences), though you will see my mom's education makes up for the both of us and my love of creating definitely came from her and her dad (as you will read in her bio).

I design and make all the pillows, wooden trays, and tea towels. I am also the customer service 'department' so it's me at the other end of your questions and custom request emails!


Like I said in my bio, my mom's formal education and experience in the arts makes up for the both of us. She attended Parson's School of Design and worked as a fashion designer in NYC until I came along and my brother 3 years later. There never was a doubt in her mind that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and raise us. During the next 20+ years she would slowly begin Seagate Studio which encompassed everything from jewelry making, clothing alterations, and woodworking. Her father was a master carpenter and it was from him that she inherited not only all of his power tools, but also his talent. Today, she makes beautiful wooden signs as well as unique copper jewelry, and an array of other items.