We would love to partner with you! 

We are always looking for new stores to partner with! Please take a look at our wholesale policies (to the right) and if you are interested please send us an email with your store information and generally what lines you are looking to carry. We will let you know if there are conflicts with any stores selling in your vicinity. In the meantime, check out our 2019 Summer Collection and past seasons’ collections.  

* Our 2017 and 2018 catalog prices may not be current and some designs may be discontinued.


General Wholesale Policies

Processing time is 2-4 weeks + shipping.

All sales are final unless items arrive damage or an error was made on the part of Seagate Studio.

50% deposit is required for new orders. For re-orders full payment is required just prior to shipping.


  • Opening order is $200. Minimum re-order is $100.

  • $15 design fee is applied to any new design on a soft good (pillow, tea towel, burp cloth, coaster) or a design personalized with your town name, zip code, area code, local beach, GPS coordinates, etc. (one-time fee per design)

  • Minimum of 3 pillows per design. All must be printed in the same color, but can be printed on different canvas color. For example, if the print color is white your minimum of 3 pillows can be 1 navy canvas, 1 grey canvas, and 1 red canvas.

  • Minimum of 12 tea towels per design. All dozen must be printed in the same color, but can be printed on a combination of white or natural tea towels.

  • $20 design fee is applied to any design personalized specifically for a customer (one-off) - only available for pillows.

  • Quantity minimums also apply to other products - refer to the line sheet for specifics (line sheets are accessible by clicking on the buttons to the left)